Nigerian youths tasked on mind-set development

Nigerian youths have been tasked to develop their minds and take advantage of the endless opportunities the nation has to offer.

The advice came as Nigeria joins the world to celebrate the International Youth Day.

The Chairman, International Youth Fellowship (IYF) in Nigeria, Mr William Kim said that mind education had become imperative for the youths, especially in the wake of the on-going debate about young people taking their place within the political space.

Mr Kim who is also a Missionary, stressed the need for youths to be exposed to the teachings of the bible.

If there is sound mind-set, the youths will be able to live good life, I am a Missionary, I ministered in Kenya for more than five years, I really want to lead people to Jesus based on the bible, the IYF mind-set education is going to help us do that, he explained.

Mr Kim was speaking at the Annual World Youth Camp in Ikorodu, Lagos, as part of activities to observe the International Youth Day.

Potential power

The IYF Director of Mind Education Institute in Nigeria, Mrs Christine Oh emphasised the need for future leaders to develop great dreams, saying that Nigerian youngsters have great potential powers.

We want to give youngsters in Nigeria the opportunities to realise their dreams; the youths here have great potential powers because of the English speaking advantage, I am from South Korea and we have only one language. We Koreans are handicapped in learning foreign languages, for instance, Korean students need up to one year to learn Spanish, but Nigerian youngsters need only two months to learn, that is the power you have. IYF is in 99 countries, our goal is to send Nigerian youngsters to different countries of the world as volunteers to teach them English and even learn other languages because Nigerians have the advantage of learning fast, Mrs Oh added.

‘Changing heart’

At a symposium organised for the teaming youths who converged on the camp, the Guest Speaker, Pastor Kwang Bo Rhee said that until youths in the country had fully developed mind-set and consequently have change of heart, they would not be ripe enough to take their place in politics.

In the words of Pastor Rhee, who spoke through an interpreter, we are not in difficulty because of the situation; things can become difficult because of the mind-set that we have towards the situation; that is why we need to change the heart of the young people and help them develop strong hearts through mind-set education.

Pastor Rhee stated that in Hong Kong where he came from, youths got into politics from age 18, stressing that it would not be an aberration for Nigerian youths to be involved in governance from now.

A Youth Corps member who participated in the camping, Mr Onayemi Oluwaseye said that the programme should further be encouraged to help Nigerian youths think out of the box.


Mr Oluwaseye lauded the National Assembly for considering passing a Bill that would give statutory framework for youths involvement in politics.

Another Corps member, Miss Badejo Victoria believed that the programme would open the minds of the nation’s youths to their roles.

Source: Voice of Nigeria