Nigerians must shun indiscriminate dumping of refuse – Expert

Dr Garuba Yakubu, Head of Historical Pathology, Federal Medical Centre, Keffi, Nasarawa State, says there are several health implication of indiscriminate dumping of refuse around living environments.

Yakubu said indiscriminate disposeal of refuse would become breeding ground for mosquitoes which can cause harm to human health, adding that it will affect the lives of reidents negatively.

The health practitioner called on Nigerians to avoid indiscriminate dumping of waste in the interest of their health and for the overall development of the country.

There will be swarming of flies carrying infective pathogens; this may also attract rodents with increased cases of disease like Lassa fever.

It can also attract reptiles like snakes with accidental bites.

Waste disposal affect the environment and can constitute eye sore to dwellers and visitors which may make such environment lose its esthetic value.

He said the greatest danger lied in the decomposition of the waste that usually result to air pollution.

According to him, the fact that decomposition also releases methane gas adding to Green House effect leading into increase in global warming.

He added that the soil might also become polluted and contaminated with unwanted chemicals and heavy metals.

Run off from this area will lead to surface water contamination.

He listed diseases caused by improper waste disposal to include Typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis, Malaria and fever, among others.

The expert warned that if waste were carelessly disposed, it could lead to outbreak of epidemic, with consequence resultant of diseases like cholera which has been afflicting some states of the federation.

Improper waste disposal can also cause water pollution with consequences that can destroy aquatic life,he said.

Source: Voice of Nigeria