NLC Backs Kano Government, Says No Reversal Of N30,000 Minimum Wage

The Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, has agreed with the the Kano state government that there was no reversal on the N30,000 minimum wage being paid to to civil servants in the state.

Chairman of the NLC in Kano State comrade Kabir Ado Minjibir in a media briefing in Kano said the salary shortfalls noticed in the two months of November and December, 2020 from investigations were deductions and not reversal to the previous N18,000 minimum wage.

News had it that the Kano state government had reverted to the previous N18,000 minimum wage, when salary shortfalls were experienced by workers in the months November and December, 2020.

Minjibir debunked the much publicised story in the media saying that there was no reversal of the N30,600 minimum wage being paid to workers in the state to N18,000 calling the story ” Malicious and ill-motivated grapevine publication.

Concerned by the development and to avoid taking chances, the Congress reached out to the relevant stakeholders in the Government to ascertain the authenticity of the publication which was disowned by those sofar consulted,” said Comrade Minjibir.

He urged the state government to stop further salary deductions and pay back what has been deducted so far in the two months or face industrial action.

The state government in an earlier statement reaffirmed it’s commitment to the payment of the N30,600. Government was quick to say that the noticed salary shortfalls were deductions to keep governance going and prevent possibilities of staff lay off due to the fall in Federal revenue allocations to the state and Internally Generated Revenue occasioned by the impact COVID-19 pandemic.

Comrade Minjibir, however reminded the Kano State Government that in case of any foul play, the Union would not take it likely as the Minimum wage was a product of tripartite negotiation and could not be subjected to unilateral review.


Comrade Ado Minjibir adds that salary and pension are legitmate rights not privillages that can be exploited and manipulated.




Source: Voice of Nigeria