Northern Leaders charged to enforce use of facemask

Northern Leaders have been called upon to enforce the use of facemask in the region to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

A member of the Kaduna State Government Covid-19 Committee, Dr Saeed Muhammad in an interview in Kaduna said, the facemask has been identified as one of the most significant measure to contain the spread of the virus.

According to him, the Northern region has to be very cautious about the rising cases reported daily within the region.

He mentioned that, the region needs to take extra preventive measures against the spread of the pandemic.

Dr Saeed urged people to be realistic with the situation and use facemask no matter the inconveniences it cause them especially those with low immune systems and also suffering from other health complications.

“With the high records daily reported within the communities, the very possible way of containing the virus in the North in the use of facemask. People should wear facemask that do not compress their nose so that they do not experience difficulties while breathing”

Dr Saeed said when people have an urgent need to leave their homes, it is very necessary to always wear the facemask.

“When an infected person comes in close contact with non infected persons that are not wearing face mask and he either coughs or sneezes, the virus has the potential of staying about 45minutes in the air. The tendency of inhaling the virus by other people is high,” he added.

Dr Saeed further stated that, the possibility of getting infected by the virus if not wearing a face mask is 70% while those wearing face mask have just one point five percent chances of getting infected.

“80% of the many infected people by the virus get better due to their strong immune systems. Only about 20% of those infected become very sick due to other ailments they suffer from,” he stressed.

Speaking on the committee, he disclosed that, the centres for testing Coronavirus have been increased to three in Kaduna State alone. “There is one at ABUTH, one at the metropolis and the third is being put up at Yusuf Dantsoho hospital”.

Dr Saeed said the committee meets on daily basis with other sub committees to report activities, challenges and recommendations on possible ways forward on curbing the pandemic in the State

“It is one of these recommendations that informed Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s decision to direct all Kaduna residents on the compulsory usage of mask to contain the spread of the virus in the State” he explained.

Source: Voice of Nigeria