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NUGA swimming competition to hold in Abuja

Organisers of the Nigerian University Games Association (NUGA) has said that the swimming competition of the games would hold in Abuja.

Secretary-General of NUGA, Bola Orodele, said the event would hold at the Abuja National Stadium due to lack of good swimming polls in Makurdi, venue of the competition.

There may be challenges here and there, but I think we are going to overcome the challenges; one is that, there is no good swimming poll in Makurdi.

And we have informed all the university that has swimmer to come to Abuja and spend a few days and return to Makurdi.

Arrangements are been made to ensure that they have a very smooth competition in Abuja.

”I have just discussed with the president of swimming federation; we have been in touch with the stadium managers of package B.

Hostels arrangements are going on with the National Institute of Sports.

We believe that it is going to be a smooth one also in Abuja.”

Orodele said the organisers have put measures in place to ensure that mercenaries do not feature in the games.

In the past, there has always been rancour about whether somebody is a student or not a student.

What we have done this time is to ensure that everyone that is going to participate in the NUGA game is already registered on the JAMB website.

That is an improvement over what we had in the previous games.

We are able to cross check to ensure that participants are not just on the JAMB website but to ensure that the student is already admitted by the university and is already known by JAMB.

From there we now go into the university portal, where that student is registered to find out whether the student has registered for courses and paid the fee to ensure that the follow is still a student.

Because, somebody can be admitted through JAMB, stayed one year in school and leaves. We are putting all these measures in place to ensure that we have a competition meant for students alone,” he said.

Orodele said the host state was putting everything in place to ensure a smooth 25th edition of the game.

The competition would hold from April 19 to April 30.

The arrival and accreditation of participating universities will commence on April 19 while the opening ceremony would hold on April 23.

Source: Voice of Nigeria