Officers Conforming To COVID-19 Rules -Nigerian Immigration

The Nigerian Immigration officials at the border town of Seme –  Krake Command have stepped up all efforts to comply with the COVID-19 protocols.

Bernard Obi Zipamor, Comptroller of Immigration, Seme border told Voice of Nigeria (VON) that support services to migrants have been intensified during the current  COVID-19  period with more provisions for hand gloves to stamp international passports, hand sanitisers, temperature machines and other safety guidelines.

In his words; ” In line with the directive from the Controller General of the Nigerian Immigration Service, the legal migrant was attended to professionally from 6 am to 6 pm during the closure of Border and now 24 hours following the reopening of the land border. 

Our officers and men in the NIS cooperate with travellers with utmost professionalism and candour, because we are all human beings who must be treated with  respect.”

He stated that there is no compromise on presentation of valid travelling documents including the COVID-19 tests certificates.

Leadership role and Synergy

The Controller of Immigration Seme command appreciated the leadership role of the Controller General of Immigration on his regular guidance and support to the Seme command at all times.

He equally applauded the synergy among all the security agencies at the Seme border post.

The agencies include the Nigerian Immigration Service, NIS, The Port health Service, PHS, the Nigerian Customs Service and Nigeria Police Joint Border Patrol Team.

NIS is saddled with the migration of people within the border areas. The NCS officials are engaged in the movement of goods across the border town.PHS is responsible for health care of people, animals and plants across the border, NPF Joint Border Patrol provides security and manage any threat to living and properties across the border.

Prospect of Land borders reopening

Nigeria reopened it’s land borders to keep alive the full implementation of the ECOWAS trade liberalisation scheme on December 16th and 31st December 2020.

Trade liberalisation

The scheme emphasises more of free movement of goods and services across the West African States. Under this arrangement,  90 days of grace are provided for free movement of people within the sub-region.

However, this understanding has been grossly abused according to the Nigerian Government, resulting in cross border crimes and smuggling of staple foods including rice and poultry products.

Under the new arrangement of reopening of the land borders, there will be strict adherence to the ECOWAS protocols.

Banned products 

All banned goods including rice and poultry products will not be snuggled into Nigeria and all goods will be containerised.

Security agencies at the Seme border told voice of Nigeria that they were fully ready to comply with the rules of engagements.



Source: Voice of Nigeria