Ophthalmologist seeks provision of primary eye care centres for children

An Opthalmologist, Professor Benedictus Ajayi, has advocated for the provision of facilities at primary health care levels to cater for the eye needs of children.

Ajayi made the appeal in an interview with the press in Ibadan.

Childhood cataract, infections which may result in cornea opacity even total blindness of the eye.

People use traditional herbs and put urine into the eyes, some even put battery water and acid in the eyes thinking that they will help.

Those are the infections that are very common and then tumors, cancer like retinoblastomia.

Attention is shifting from disease to wellness.

Let’s provide the primary health care units where people don’t even need to go only when they have a problem, but where they can go when they are well, just like routine visits,” he said.

Ajayi said the provision of eye clinics at primary care levels would reduce the magnitude of eye problems to self-help that could be preventable.

He advocated the support of governments at all levels as well as stakeholders in the health sector, to position healthcare system, especially in the provision of eye care centres in the country.

Source: Voice of Nigeria