Osun signs emergency diseases prevention regulations

In a bid to enforce the lock down order and prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Osun state, Governor Adegboyega Oyetola has signed the Emergency Diseases Prevention Regulations 2020.

Following the signing of the regulations, anybody who violates the sit-at-home order will be sentenced to six months imprisonment or faced with an option of fine upon conviction.

Oyetola noted that the order was in exercise of the powers conferred on him by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 and other relevant provisions of the State of Osun Public Health Law.

Under the new order, transmission or dissemination of false information regarding Covid-19 also constitutes an offence.

It equally criminalises the promotion of unverified, untested, or unapproved cures, vaccines or other similar items that purport to cure, alleviate or reduce instances of persons infected with Covid-19.

The Regulations similarly empower the governor to order the isolation of infected persons

“The governor may direct the removal of a Potentially Infectious Person, where such a person fails or refuses to go to a place specified for screening and assessment. The governor may direct a Potentially Infectious Person within a Local Area, to go into isolation for an initial period of 14 days”, the Regulations stated.

Signing the Regulations, the governor said “It has become imperative to go beyond making suggestions and giving directives in order to stem the tide of the spread of Covid-19, save lives, reduce ill health and ensure that the economy in which the people of the State of  Osun operate does not become weakened and stretched”.

Governor Oyetola said the state does not wish to make life difficult for its citizens but that the Regulations were made for the good order, safety, security and public health of the people.

Source: Voice of Nigeria