Osun state to reduce 13% infant mortality through breastfeeding

Osun State Governor, Gboyega Oyetola has inaugurated a 13-member steering committee on the campaign for exclusive breastfeeding in the state.

The Committee was inaugurated to strengthen the health sector by entrenching the culture of exclusive breastfeeding, thereby reducing infant mortality in the state by 13 percent.

The Governor, who said the initiative was designed to promote better health and vitality among citizens of the state and generations to come, also noted that exclusive breastfeeding remained a global phenomenon which Osun state had domesticated over the years.

He said his administration had resolved to step up the game by adopting exclusive breastfeedingfeeding infants nothing but breast milk for the first six months of life in full measure- to build a new generation of healthy children who would be able to compete with their peers anywhere in the world.

Oyetola said Osun state under his watch would prioritise maternal and child healthcare as a response to the growing concern about the alarming increase in maternal and infant mortality rate in the nation.

He charged members of the Committee to put all machineries in motion not only to make the state a reference point for exclusive breastfeeding in the nation and on the continent but also to earn it a place in the world.

This decision would help ?to ultimately contribute to building a social movement in which breastfeeding is the social norm, and all mothers and families are empowered and supported to breastfeed, he said.

??Wife of the Governor, Mrs Kafayat Oyetola who doubles as Head of the Committee, ?promised to take the campaign to every part of the state using various communication platforms and activities.

She urged people in the state particularly women to join hands together for the success of the programme.

Source: Voice of Nigeria