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Oyo Governor hails President Buhari’s achievements

The Oyo State Governor, Mr Abiola Ajimobi has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for steering Nigeria's ship well so far.

Mr Ajimobi said the President has displayed a lot of charisma and has taken positive steps that would move the Nigeria forward.

He also assured the Oyo indigenes that the brawl concerning traditional institutions in the State would be resolved amicably.

The Governor made the remarks while briefing Journalists after holding a closed door meeting with President Buhari in Abuja.

Governor Ajimobi said he was pleased with the way he saw President Buhari after returning from medical vacation abroad.

Commending leaders

He is looking very well. I appreciate and commend the President for his steadfastness and hitting the ground running since he came back from his medical treatment. When our leaders do well we should commend them instead of just criticising them always, So by and large, his achievements to date particularly in the areas of security, agriculture, economy, employment generation, strengthening the naira and in fact expanding the social welfare net are all commendable, he said.

Repositioning the State

Governor Ajimobi noted that Oyo State government has taken numerous steps that would help reposition the State economically.

The Governor appealed to the President to allow the transfer of Ikere earth dam from the Nigerian government to the State.

According to him, if the ikere dam is transferred to the state, it would boost many sectors.

We have a dam in Oyo State, the Ikere-Gorge dam. That dam is the 4th largest earth dam in the world, stretching almost 50 kilometres and we thought it will provide a tripartite benefit to us in the area of irrigation, water supply for both industrial and domestic use, and energy generation. So I appealed that Ikere-Gorge dam should be handed over to Oyo if not, we should at least participate through Public Private Partnership, PPP in resuscitating the dam, the Governor appealed.

Chieftaincy Tussle

On the chieftaincy tussle in the South-Western State, Governor Ajimobi said the issue had been hijacked by politicians.

He said he has a close relationship with the Olu-Badan and the issue would be resolved amicably.

Recently, Oyo State has been very much in the news because the Olu-Badan chieftaincy declaration. That particular declaration is being politicised First and foremost, the Olu-Badan is my father; he is a younger brother to my own father and we have had a very long relationship and I assured the President that come rain come shine, I will never remove the Olu-Badan. A son doesn't depose his father, Governor Ajimobi stated.

He added that the state would collaborate more with the Nigerian government, to enhance the livelihood of citizens.

Source: Voice of Nigeria