Political parties to conduct activities according to law

Security agencies and the Independent Electoral Commission in Gombe State have called on major stakeholders and political actors to play the game of politics according to the rules.

The Gombe State Police Commissioner, Mr. Tairu Shina Olukolu, said doing so would help the political leaders to benefit more from it, especially when their followers were educated and informed on the need to live in peace.

A recent review has shown some early warning signal that something is not right But the problem that triggers security concerns is when violence is introduced to the game of politics. Hence a situation where competing political party offices are co-located beside each other and unprovoked attacks on individuals and their property based on party differences are part of the early warning signals to violence, Mr. Olukolu explained.

The Director, State Security Services, Mr. Iro Danmusa, said in the past week, the agency received complaints on threats to peace through political activities.

Engagement and dialogue is one of the ingredients of conflict resolution and this is what we do, not force. Please continue to do your best to assist us in keeping the place peaceful, by not taking the laws into your hands. Since you have started, if you perceived anything that you feel are not treated fairly, the law is here, the laws that monitor and guide you are here, at the background also to enforce these laws to maintain security and order, the Gombe State Security Boss said.

The State Chairman of Alliance for Democracy, Alhaji Magaji Kwairanga, called for an easy access to security agencies, such as when opening party offices.

I want us to agree that politics is in every one of us. It is not only politicians alone. We do politics on ourselves, but we obey the rules. The police give us their role, we agree, EFCC give us their rule, we agree. If there is any problem with us, we can be obedient to the law. This is my own advice. The first thing is we need the free GSM number of the Commissioner of Police, so that we can call him at anytime problem arises, Alhaji Kwairanga stated.

For the Resident Electoral Commissioner in Gombe State,

Alhaji Usman Ibrahim, the meeting was timely, in order to identify and tackle threats to the political environment in the state.

Someone asked about political parties sitting offices close to each other. Well, but let me add here that, the major concern of INEC is political parties should have offices within the state. We will not say you should go to Tunfure and open your own or you go to that area and open your own or what have you not. But then, that calls for another very important issue that is the issue of tolerance. As rightly observed by somebody, that all the political leaders here are gentle men and I believe they are all gentle men because I relate with almost all of you. So that shows that we need to improve on our level of tolerance, said the INEC REC in Gombe.

It was obvious from the various remarks by leaders of the political parties present that they all should tolerate one another for the sake of the peace being enjoyed in the state, because they were all urged to exhibit tolerance that their members would emulate for the smooth conduct of activities without any breach of law and order.

Source: Voice of Nigeria