President Akufo-Addo Calls for Support in Ghana’s Energy Transition Plan

ACCRA – President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo urged stakeholders in the energy sector to back the implementation of the Ghana Energy Transition Investment Plan (GETIP) to achieve a sustainable energy landscape. The appeal was made at the Seventh Ghana Energy Awards in Accra, themed ‘Ghana’s Energy Transition Framework: Sector Institutions as a Building Blocks for the 2030-2024 Targets.’

According to Ghana News Agency, unveiled at the Global Africa Business Initiative in New York last September, aligns with Ghana’s national development agenda and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. The President described the framework as a roadmap for implementing low carbon solutions in key sectors such as oil and gas, industry, transportation, agriculture, and power.

It also details the necessary investments, regulatory initiatives, institutional arrangements, and capacity building needed for this transition. President Akufo-Addo emphasized that GETIP is a dynamic tool, subject to updates and modifications based on implementation experiences and emerging technologies. The President noted the ambitious nature of the framework, which anticipates raising about 550 billion dollars, equivalent to 10 percent of Ghana’s annual GDP, over the next 40 years.

He argued that the cost is less than what would be incurred without action and highlighted the long-term benefits for the economy, society, and environment, including energy security, job creation, and environmental protection. The President called for the cooperation and support of all domestic and foreign parties, emphasizing that every Ghanaian citizen is a primary beneficiary and agent of this shift. He urged Ghanaians to embrace energy-saving practices and to hold the government accountable in implementing the framework.

Deputy Minister for Energy, Mr. Andrew Kofi Egyapa Mercer, also spoke at the event, asserting that Ghana’s energy transition must occur on its terms, considering Africa’s minimal role in leading to the current global environmental situation. He assured that the Ministry would continue to provide leadership and collaborate with stakeholders to realize the vision of a dynamic, 21st-century-fit energy sector.

The event also recognized individuals and institutions for their contributions to the energy sector, including Kadijah Amoah, CEO of Aker Energy, Edwin Alfred Provencal, Managing Director of BOST, Dr. Ben K. D. Asante, CEO of Ghana Gas, and Samuel Dubik Mahama, Managing Director of ECG. Additionally, Emmanuel Aboagye-Wiafe of Asaase Radio received the ‘energy reporter of the year’ award.