President Buhari pledges to fight corruption to the end

President Muhammdu Buhari has assured Nigerians that his administration will continue to fight corruption till it is conquered.

The President, who made the pledge in his New Year message to Nigerians, further said no individual, organ or agency of government will be spared in the fight against corruption.

He promised to uphold the tenets of rule of law and due process in the conduct of all affairs governmental affairs.

Our determination to wrestle corruption to the ground remains unshaken. This fight, which will be guided by respect for the rule of law and due process, will not spare anybody or organ of government. It is a collective undertaking and resolve that must be seen to its logical conclusion in spite of certain distractions. The fate of our country lies partly in the success of this campaign. It will be unthinkable on my part to allow the boat of this crucial campaign promise capsize mid-stream, he said.

President Buhari thanked Nigerians for their prayers and support for government at all levels.


On curbing unemployment especially among youths, President Buhari said: This administration will sustain existing programmes aimed at lifting a vast number of our youth out of poverty, while at the same time creating the opportunities for people to fend for themselves.

He renewed his call on Nigerians to patronise home made goods, in order to boost the economy of the country.

The President urged both the militants in the Niger-Delta and the Shia community to tow the path of peace to give room for more development in all parts of the country.

We will continue to pursue peace initiatives in the Niger Delta as I again, call on our brothers in that region who have taken to violent disruptions of economic infrastructure to come to the negotiating table.As for our brothers and sisters of the Shia Community, we urge them, too, to embrace peace. They must accept the laws of the country they live in. They cannot be islands by themselves. At the same time, the law enforcement agencies must treat them humanely and according to the rule of law, he said.

The Nigerian leader assured citizens of the security of their lives and property, as he said the Armed Forces have been well mobilised and motivated to succeed in that regard.

He wished Nigerians hitch free celebrations and a prosperous 2017

Source: Voice of Nigeria