President Buhari working to repair damages by corrupt leaders-Tinubu

National Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said that President Mohamaadu Buhari is working to repair damages done to the nation in past, especially the 16 years leadership by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and by so doing safeguard the country.

Tinubu made the assertion as Special Guest of Honour at the 35th Aminu Kano Annual Memorial Symposium organized by the Aminu Kano Centre for Research and Training, Bayero University, Kano (BUK).

The APC chieftain as the lead presenter at the symposium with the theme: ‘Democratic Governance and the Imperatives of Party Ideology and Supremacy,’ said that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has spent ample time cleaning the PDP’s mess.

The Buhari’s government has spent inordinate time cleaning the rot and plugging the holes in the corrupt system the others had institutionalized as their strategic policy and national direction, said the former Lagos state governor.

According to him, the APC has been working to steer our national ship from this awful direction in order that we may bring the people and their welfare into safe habour.

Had the billions of dollars and trillions of Naira that were stolen by past governments been used for the people, the nation would have been able to acquire the infrastructure and implement the programmes that bring greater development and economic justice to all, regretted Tinubu.


He said that the APC has done better for the country, but quick to agree that that APC has more work to do, noting that, |of course, more needs to be done.

I envision a time of even bolder action that modernizes national infrastructure, implements an industrial plan that revives the textile sector and builds new industries, agricultural reform that provides farmers minimum incomes and greater access to credit.

Mortgage reform that opens the door to affordable housing for millions of families, pension reform that insulates our aged from poverty and an expansion of the school feeding into every state and local government, added Tinibu

On party ideology, Tinubu emphasized that ideology and principle must be held supreme especially internal democracy within APC, otherwise it becomes an invitation to anarchy.


Tinubu described Malam Aminu Kano as a leader with high moral conduct, stressing that he had the opportunity to be corrupt and live in affluence but chose otherwise.

Instead, he devoted himself to the welfare of the people. He took the harder path because it was the true and correct one. As Aminu Kano did, we must do, advised Tinibu

The former Lagos state Governor Ahmed Tinubu was represented at the occasion by Oyo state Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi.

Bauchi state Governor, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar described the late political icon Aminu Kano as an upright man and down-to-earth.

Kano state Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje urged politicians to aspire to follow the footsteps of Aminu Kano whom he described as a man of integrity, honesty, simplicity and transparency.

The former governor of Jigawa state, Sule Lamido urged Nigerian to imbibe Aminu Kano’s ideology at homes and offices. While his contemporary and former governor of Kaduna state, Balarabe Musa called on youths to carry on from where Aminu Kano stopped.

Aminu Kano co-founded the Northern Elements Progressive Union as a pro-poor political platform with socialist movement to challenge what he felt was theautocratic and feudalist leadership in Nigeria especially the north. He died in 1983 and sincethen had been remember annually for his contributions to the Pre and Post independence political space in Nigeria.

Source: Voice of Nigeria