Qatar Charity Invests GHS 7 million in Ghana’s Economic Empowerment Programs

Accra, Ghana – Qatar Charity, an international non-governmental organization, has invested approximately GHS 7 million in economic empowerment programs across six regions in Ghana. Since October 2023, the charity has initiated about 250 economic and food security projects in the Greater Accra, Central, Eastern, Ashanti, Northern, and Volta Regions. The projects are aimed at providing beneficiaries with sustainable means of livelihood, rather than just offering temporary financial aid.

According to Ghana News Agency, the Programme Manager of Qatar Charity, the projects are in their initial stages and are designed to enhance the existing capacities of families to improve their livelihoods. Mr. Hasan Owda, the Country Director of Qatar Charity, had earlier indicated the organization’s commitment to initiating various livelihood and economic empowerment projects across Ghana as part of their global humanitarian efforts.

The program encompasses 12 project areas, including the establishment of groceries, bakeries, sewing shops, passenger tricycles for transportation, poultry and broiler farming, food farming, cattle and sheep farming, and provision of media gadgets for freelance operations. To implement these projects, over GHS 7 billion was initially spent on acquiring various items such as grocery containers, bakeries, tricycles, sewing machines, and a fully equipped broiler farm. The broiler farm, capable of housing 10,000 chicks, is particularly noteworthy as its proceeds are intended to support orphanages in the program.

In selecting participants for the program, Qatar Charity collaborated with experienced humanitarian organizations like Hayaat Foundation, GVTP Vocational Training Centre, and the Federation of Muslim Communities. This collaboration ensured a diverse selection of beneficiaries across age, gender, and geographical locations, focusing on those with the potential to significantly impact the goals of the project.

The projects, strategically located across different regions, were chosen to align with the local economic demands and activities. The initiative aims to support an average family size of four, benefiting a total of 252 families and over a thousand individuals. For instance, the poultry farm not only employs workers but also supports orphanages through its proceeds.

Qatar Charity is also constructing Model Compound and Village projects designed for community empowerment. These projects are self-sustaining, featuring activities like animal farming, food production, and other services, while also providing communities with basic amenities such as housing, boreholes, schools, orphanages, and social amenities. Notable community projects include Dar Elsalam Village in the Eastern region and Musarium fil Khairat, both benefiting from a range of economic empowerment initiatives including poultry farms, bakeries, and sewing workshops.