Relief as county lifts bus ban in Kenya

Commuters in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, have been spared a second day of chaos after the county governor suspended a ban on public minibuses in the city centre.

Mike Sonko said the plight of commuters” had led him to suspend the ban.

After Monday’s pilot project of decongesting Nairobi’s CBD, I have suspended gazette notice 4479 of 12th May 2017 with immediate effect. We’ve noted with deep concern the plight of commuters if the ban was to be effected without the missing link of a commuter train and BRT system. he tweeted.

Pictures of stranded commuters were shared online on Monday, with many expressing anger at the authorities for the ban.

Last week, city authorities announced that the minibuses, known as matatus, will have to pick up and drop off passengers at a terminal outside the city’s central business district.

They said the directive was an attempt to decongest the capital, where more than 20,000 matatus operate.

Source: Voice of Nigeria