‘Reported N160 million Nicon Estate home was never bought by Don jazzy’

By Charles Mgbolu

The story was splashed everywhere, virtually every gossip blog and dedicated entertainment news websites reported this story; Don Jazzy was said have purchased a N160 million home in the prestigious Nicon Estate in Lekki, Lagos, a story that Don Jazzy now calls a lie!

Vanguard had not reported this story as we awaited confirmation from Don Jazzy who has now spoken through a representative “Yes, Don Jazzy bought a house recently but not the reported one at Nicon Estate. That is not Don Jazzy’s home. ”

*Don Jazzy never bought this mansion

*Don Jazzy never bought this mansion

This is not the first time Don Jazzy has stepped out to refute stories about him that had gone viral. In May, shortly after the very popular break up with former business partner D’banj, there had been claims of calls and interviews from bloggers and reporters that the ace producer had reacted severally to D’banj’s interviews on the break- up and just like this one, the gist had gone viral. Don Jazzy had told Vanguard’s now late group entertainment editor Ogbonna Amadi

“I have seen different kinds of interviews and blogs and whatever that people have written and they say that they spoke to me.

Like I was reading a blog the other day and I saw Exclusive Phone Interview by Don Jazzy bla bla bla and they wrote like a full conversation. The person said this and I said this and that I said this and the truth is I have not had such interview with anyone. I have not spoken to any reporter this year.

Could that be true? (Amadi asked)

Yes, they are not quoting anybody they were quoting themselves may be they have one imaginary Don Jazzy they were talking to or the other because the Jazzy they quoted is not me, I really do not speak to anybody regarding any situation or any issues, I have not put out any press statement saying whatever on this issue so people just really assumed. They were quoting themselves.”

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