Road Transport Employers Seek Use Of Compressed Natural Gas

The Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria, RTEAN, has called for the conversion of vehicles in Nigeria for the use of the compressed natural gas, CNG, as energy.

This was among issues a delegation of the association discussed at a meeting with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Wednesday.

Deputy National President of the RTEAN (Administration), Mohammed Bishara, who spoke with State House correspondents after the meeting, said since the world is going green; there is need for the transport sector in Nigeria to key into the use of alternative energy.

“We spoke about conversion of vehicles. The world is going in green energy; Nigeria has a lot of gas being flared.

“We want the government to see how it can use the gas being flared, in which the country loses billions of naira, on those vehicles that are using CNG.”

Vehicle deficit

Bishara, who led the delegation on behalf of the National President, Musa Mohammed, stated that Nigeria, with a population of over 200 million, has vehicle deficit of between 7million and 10 million, referring to figures for the National Bureau of Statistics.

He said that the establishment of transport development bank, Bishara would be of benefit to the transportation sector.

He said that the bank, if established, would also provide support for manufacturers in the sector.

“Our population is growing. Almost projecting to 250million and the vehicles operating in Nigeria are not enough. We have a deficit of 10million vehicles.

“We have a lot of youths who can be employed in the transportation sector. I want to tell you that one transport company can employ up to 10 persons, ranging from vulcanizers, labourers, mechanics and others.

“A lot of people are benefitting from it. It can cover a lot of problems by giving employment to the youth. It may also reduce the insecurity problem we are having in this country.”

Subsidy for vehicle

According to Bishara, the federal government was considering the provision of subsidy for vehicles used for commercial activities in Nigeria to reduce the burden of cost of living on Nigerians.

Describing the transportation sector as “the mover of the nation’s economy, Bishara said that government support for the sector would have effect on people’s lives and improve the standard of living of citizens.”

Source: Voice of Nigeria