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Scrap the ministry of women Affairs – HURIWA

The human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria has called for the scrapping of the federal ministry of women affairs to pave way for the ministry of Family and Children Affairs. This call was made at its annual lectures in Abuja.

According to the national coordinator, comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, nothing much is been done by the ministry to take care of the family and children in particular. He noted that most women are not well empowered even with the millions allocated to them yearly in the national budget.

Emphasis should be placed on the children welfare and everyday in the country we wake up to issues of sexual violence against children and nothing is being done about it. The ministry is not doing anything about the families and children of those violated. Most of our women in this country have arrived and they don’t need much assistance.

The ministry we all know does not have any plan for our children and yet government gives them budgets to only pay salaries. Sad to also note that the ministry does not have a comprehensive list of rape victims especially that of children.

Comrade Onwubiko also proposed a chemical castration for sexual violators stating that as an organization, they will be sending a private bill to the national assembly to this effect.

He also pointed out that sexual violence is not only against the girl-child but also the boy-child. Stating that one out of fifteen girl are raped before attaining the age of eighteen while one out of every boy-child experience sexual violence before they attain eighteen also.

The national coordinator also proposed that it is necessary for the government to take over children who are not been properly catered for by couples especially the ones who abused them at will.

He also pointed out that media houses should do all within its powers to protect rape victims especially minors. That under no conditions should the picture of victims especially minors be displayed in the papers as this is a means of protecting their image. And that all sexual violators should be published for all to see and learn.

In a similar vein, one of the guest lecturer, Mr. Mohammad Kaka Jibrin, mni said, that the need to establish the ministry of family and children affairs is Paramount and very timely as this will tackle the issues of out of school children and address the issues of the almajiris scattered all over the north. Stating that, most children in orphanages, and other children homes are not been properly catered for and its is important we take care of them if we must have a peaceful and well developed Nation tomorrow.

Source: The Nigerian Observer