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Senate moves to secure Nuclear Industry

The Senate has begun the process of securing and safeguarding Nigerias Nuclear Industry.

The process received a boost on Tuesday as the senate passed for second reading a bill which seeks to re-establish an existing legal framework for the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority by expanding its mandate to include security and safeguards of the industry.

Christened a Bill for an Act to repeal the nuclear safety and radiation protection Act No. 19 of 1995 enact the nuclear safety security and safeguards Act and re-establish the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority and for matter connected therewith (2020) and it was sponsored by Senator Ajayi Boroffice.

Leading debate on the bill Senator Boroffice explained the areas the nation would benefit if passed into law to include health and medicine scientific research agriculture industry education and energy production.

According to him Although Nigeria currently does not generate electricity from nuclear sources it is considering doing so in the nearest future because research shows that nuclear power offers one of cleanest source of energy (low pollution) reduces the amount of energy generated from fossil fuels (coals and oil) and provides stable base load of energy at relatively lower costs.

Pointing out the harmful effects of unregulated nuclear sources of energy Boroffice said the uses of radioactive and nuclear sources may involved great risks including the dangers associated with accidents and leakages of large amount of nuclear waste to the environment which remains hazardous for thousands of years.

The lawmaker noted that the existing law is 25 years and has been overtaken by events and developments in the field of nuclear technology.

Boroffice argued that when the bill is passed it will strengthen the overall Nigeria security mechanism using the nations nuclear assets.

He added that it would ensure that the gains on investment so far made by Nigeria on the nuclear sector were optimally harnessed.

Thereafter President of the Senate Ahmad Lawan referred the bill to the Senate Committees on Petroleum (Upstream) and that of Science and Technology for further legislative works and to report back within four weeks.

Source: Voice of Nigeria