Senator calls for more troops in Taraba

The Nigerian military has been called upon to deploy more troops to prevent further attack on some parts of Taraba state by armed militia.

Speaking to Voice of Nigeria in Abuja, Senator Yusuf A. Yusuf from Taraba state said that the presence of military was needed to address the crisis that has claimed lives and property.

According to him, the military had addressed the crisis before it erupted again.

The lawmaker declared that to put an end to the lingering crisis,there was need for political leaders in the area to embrace dialogue as an avenue to resolve the conflict.

There is nothing better than sitting together discussing these issues to pacify our people, to tell them we have to live together as Nigerians and we have a right to own property and to live anywhere as enshrined in the constitution. We must sit down together as enlightened people, as political leaders who want development and good things for our people to discuss genuinely and honestly, he stated.

Appeal for calm

The Senator appealed for calm and urged the people to be law abiding.

I call on my constituents to persevere, to learn to live together and have faith in our own Nigerian projects. We are doing all we can to bring everything under control. They should remain patient and not take laws into their hands and certainly we are going to have solution to this lingering issue that has been on for more than thirty years, the Lawmaker added.

Source: Voice of Nigeria