Sing love, peace, national unity, Baba 2010 urges PMAN members

Mr Dovie Mena, aka Baba 2010, Chairman, Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) Stakeholders Forum in FCT, has advised PMAN members to sing love, peace and national unity in the upcoming political rallies and campaigns in the country.


Mena, an afro-highlife legendary musician, gave the advice when he spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Monday.


He said that as the nation’s political parties would begin political rallies and campaigns in 2022, PMAN members should sing love, peace and national unity to ensure peaceful co-existence in the country.


“We advise our members not to be used as political musicians and praise singers. My message is that when you are invited to political rally or campaign, don’t go and rubbish anybody because you are musicians and not politicians.


“Sing love, peace and national unity that is what you are there for. For instance, don’t say Atiku is bad and don’t say Tinubu is bad. So, we are not God, we are not in any position to judge anyone. But you can preach love, peace and national unity by saying if you vote for so so person, he is going to bring peace and unity.


“So, I will advise our members not to be used against political opponents,” the artiste said.


According to him, entertainment, especially music, is a tool that can communicate with people because many people cannot be reached directly.


“You can talk to them through your music because if the President and all his aides listen to radio, watch television and at a time, your song can be played and when it plays, it can pass your message through that medium.


“So, music is a tool that is why we are asking that musicians should not allow themselves to be used because once you communicate, the younger ones who like entertainment, tend to believe what they hear everyday.


“Music shapes minds of people especially our younger generations. That is why it is not good for musicians to start singing that the government is bad. That song can influence the minds of our youths.”


The artiste urged Christian faithful, especially musicians and their fans, to shun drugs and anything that will make them behave abnormally.

“My Christmas message to all our members, fans and entertainers in general is that as we celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ, we should try as much as possible to stay out of drugs and anything that will make us behave abnormally so that the joy of the season will be with us for now and the year ahead,” he said.


Source: News Agency of Nigeria