Human Rights

Special Envoy Shaarik Zafar Travels to Nigeria

Special Representative to Muslim Communities Shaarik Zafar will conduct his first official trip to sub-Saharan Africa from October 17-19, traveling to Kano and Abuja, Nigeria. During his trip, he will meet with government officials and representatives from civil society to underscore shared priorities, including promoting educational and economic opportunities and promoting accountable governance.

While in Kano, Special Representative Zafar will offer opening remarks at an inaugural workshop on anti-corruption tools for religious leaders. The workshop will address how religious communities can work together to combat corruption, promote accountability, and encourage transparency. He will also learn about the cultural and religious history of the region. In Abuja, Special Representative Zafar will meet with religious and community leaders and learn of their current challenges and opportunities.

Source: U.S Department of State.