Students condemn rape, seek justice for victims

Students in higher institutions in Lagos state have condemned the problem of incessant rape, sexual assault and killings permeating the Nigerian society.

The students however called for justice for Barakat, Tina, Jenifer, Uwa and all others who were victims of this brutal, awful and incident act of rape and killings. All these they noted were students until they were killed through the gruesome act.

The coordinator of Council of Higher Institutions, (COHI) an Organ of the Muslim students society in Lagos State, AbdulBasit AbduSalam said as a council that respects the dignity of human person and dedicated towards promoting peaceful coexistence between all kinds of race, tribe, gender and religion across the globe,  he  reiterates  No to Rape in the country.

“We call for Justice for Barakat, Tina, Jenifer, Uwa and all other victims of this brutal, awful and incident act,” he pointed.

He emphasized stern warning for perpetrators of such crime from God if at all they escapes all forms of punishment in this world.

According to him, affiliates and the general public should stand on the strength of stiff punishment for offence of rape to be a capital one irrespective of who the perpetrators are.

“Psychologically, the aftermath of rape especially on the victims is a last longing trauma characterized with all sort of emotional pains, sorrow, ache and weariness especially during it reminiscence. The family of the victim are at first left in agony as the victim could also be ostracized among her fellow especially in some dealings,” he said.

The COHI leader insisted on calling for justice as well as peaceful society where women are respected, as humans and people having right across all nation.

Source: Voice of Nigeria