Student’s Sports Federation kicks against illicit drug use

The Student’s Sports Federation of Nigeria (SSFN) in its effort to rid young Nigerians off drugs, has organised a symposium aimed at creating awareness against drug consumption, abuse and addiction amongst students and young people.

The symposium is the second of the series of events organised by the student advocacy group to promote cohesion, unity and sports development in Nigeria.

In his opening address, the National president of the student’s sports federation of Nigeria, Danielson Bamidele said the nationwide campaign against drug consumption, abuse and addiction is necessary to the preservation of Nigeria’s future and ensure a sane and safe society.

The dangers drug abuse pose to our society ca not be overemphasised considering the high increase in the availability, production, importation and consumption of illicit drugs in Nigeria. He revealed recent statistics shows that out of every ten young persons in Nigeria three take to drugs and out of the three, one is a female, Bamidele said.

The SSFN president further revealed that it has been established that most of the crimes in Nigeria are carried out under the influence of drugs hence the need for combating illicit drugs through the joint efforts of parents, guardians, teaches, religious leaders, opinion leaders government and the entire society to ensure that the challenge posed by drugs is drastically reduced and eliminated.

Also speaking at the event Dr. Igbekele Daudu said drug abusers easily become a liability to the society and are usually non productive.

He therefore called on government agencies to create departments that will be well equipped to carry out test on human performance from time to time as a form of immunisation against drug abuse.

Every chemical, organic or inorganic substance or any element introduced to alter the normal power or energy to perform any action is called drug abuse. The topic drug abuse has become a major problem in Nigeria as it is in many other countries, we can see the effect in some of our institutions but I am delighted that the institutions are well represented here said Dr. Igbekele

The student’s sports federation of Nigeria said its next line of action is to take the campaign to the nooks and crannies of Nigeria until their voice is heard.

Source: Voice of Nigeria