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As the campaign for cashless economy gathers momentum, more business organisations are promoting online business transaction in Nigeria to simplify buy and sales through non-store retailing marketing.
The latest in the Nigerian market to key into the development is and, owned by Startup Partners Africa.
The company’s initiative is coming on the heels of the rate the social media is catching the attention of many people and with internet penetration growing by 16. 1 per cent in 2011.
Startup Partners Africa, a successful e-commerce company in Nigeria, is specifically involved in Glamour – cosmetics, sunglasses and glasses of different types as customers can buy the firm’s products from the comfort of their homes and the products will be delivered to them at no extra cost. Some of the brands of its glasses include Ray-ban, Oakley, Carrera, Boss Orange, D&G, Fossil and Prada.
According to the promoters of the company, what perhaps makes the firm’s offering significant is that the customer can pay at the point of delivery or through POS.
Speaking on the online shopping platform recently in Lagos, the CEO of Startup Partners Africa, Jaime Moreno, Spanish, said customers don’t need to spend hours on traffic or travel to far countries like Dubai, Paris or UK to buy cosmetics or pair of sunglasses and reading glasses.
He said: “You can buy from your home at the company website and it will be delivered to the customer within short possible time and you pay on delivery,”
The CEO further stated that the firm’s website was sophisticated but simple and easy to navigate as it would provide clear pictures of what customers wanted.
In addition, he added that there existed opportunity for customer to interact with client service on the site.
On sunglasses, Moreno said the company also offered sunglasses, glasses and contact lenses.
“If someone in Port Harcourt or elsewhere needs glasses the customer can put his specifications from his optician on the website, the glasses will be delivered to him based on his prescriptions. On the sunglasses, the websites provides platform for clear viewing and even chatting with the office on recommendations,” he said.
On the cost of the company’s products, he pointed out that there were glasses that attracted as low as N5, 000. “We offer European quality for less amount of money in addition to home service delivery which is value added’ he said. According to him, the potential in Nigeria is enormous and Nigerians are becoming brand savvy and they see trend and want to follow it.
It is believed that increasing internet penetration and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) continued effort to sustain the country’s transition into a cashless economy are part of factors driving the non-store retailing.