Taraba Crisis: Lawmaker calls for peaceful dialogue among waring tribes

A member House of Representatives representing Karim-Lau, Addo-Kola Federal constituency in Taraba State, Mr Danladi Biado has called for a peaceful dialogue to resolve the persistent crisis between the Tiv, Jukun and other tribes.

Mr Biado says only peaceful dialogue can ensure lasting peace and development in the state.

Mr. Biado was reacting to the recent withdrawal of the Tiv people in Taraba from the Commission of Enquire set up by the government to proofer lasting peace to the communal crisis in some part of the state.

He described the withdrawal of the Tiv people as unfair to the effort of the state government towards finding a lasting peace to the crisis.

Mr Biado told Voice of Nigeria that “even the World wars were settled through a peaceful dialogue hence the need for all the parties to come to the dialogue table.”

“The Tiv people should know that they are our brothers, so if there is a fight between two brothers courtesy demands that they should come and seat on one table to resolve their differences but if you make up your mind by saying we are not going to get justice, it means you are not fair to the government even the World wars at the end of the day was settled on the table,” he explained.

The lawmaker further said that the persons recruited in the commission of inquiry are people of intergrity, nothing that the Tiv people should have bury their grievances and listen to the committee before withdrawing from the peaceful dialogue.

“Is only the driver that knows where the pot holes is, Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku is the driver of this state and if the Governor constituted a committee for peace it is unhealthy for any tribe to say they are not going to be part of it, they should have allowed the committee to listen to them first maybe out of what the committee will say they may voice out their greviance but pulling out of it is not good and they are not doing justice to the governor and the state, “ Mr Biado stressed.

He called on all parties involved in the crisis to come to a round table and accept the a peaceful dialogue for the good of all.

The Tiv people in Taraba State had pulled out from the Commission of Inquire set up by the state government for fair of injustice from the commission. They also approached a high Court in Abuja to seek for injunction to stop the commission of inquiry from seating in the state.



Source: Voice of Nigeria