Terrorist attack claims at least 30 lives in central Mali

A terrorist attack at Songho Gare, a small town between Sevare and Bandiagara in central Mali, claimed dozens of lives, a local official and witnesses said.


According to the witnesses, the terrorists attacked a bus heading to the Bandiagara fair.


“The vehicle was set on fire, costing the lives of at least 33 people almost entirely burned,” said a local official who requested anonymity.


“The vehicle was attacked by terrorists who first murdered the driver before closing the vehicle and setting fire to it with its passengers inside,” he said.


Witnesses also confirmed seven wounded, four seriously injured and dozens of missing.


The Malian government has not yet officially released any statements about this deadly attack.


Located about 10 km from the city of Bandiagara, the Songho Gare bridge has been frequently sabotaged by terrorists to cut this part of Mali from the rest of the country.


Since 2012, Mali has been facing a deep and multifaceted serious security, political and economic crisis. Independence insurrections, jihadist incursions and inter-communal violence have caused thousands of deaths and displaced hundreds of thousands of people despite the presence of UN, French and European forces.