Troops Kill Armed Bandits In Air Raids In Zamfara State

The Air Component of Operation HADARIN DAJI has neutralised several armed bandits and destroyed some of their facilities, including logistics items  at their hideout in a forested high ground area near Bayan Ruwa in Zamfara State.

The Coordinator Defence Media Operations, Major General John Enenche said this was achieved through air strikes executed through credible Human Intelligence (HUMINT) reports and confirmatory surveillance missions.

The information gathered indicated that a group of armed bandits led by one so-called Jummo, who has link with terrorts in the North East, had established a camp at the location, where they kept their motorcycles, high-calibre weapons and rustled cattles.

Major General Enenche noted that the Air Component dispatched an appropriate force package of Nigerian Air Force (NAF) fighter jets and helicopter gunships, which acquired and engaged the target area in successive passes, killing some of the bandits and their leaders.

It also destroyed portions of the camp, including their logistics storage, which was engulfed in flames.



Source: Voice of Nigeria