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Amawbia (Awka South LGA),-(MOI) Rev. Fr. Patrick Okafor, priest in residence at St Matthew’s Catholic Church Amawbia says being a true disciple of Jesus Christ has a great rewards.

Fr Okafor said this in a Sunday homily at St Matthew’s Catholic Church, Amawbia.

He urged Christians to continue to do whatever they could do in Christ Jesus, knowing full well that it would not be in vain.

Stop being nominal Christians but make sacrifices to earn eternal live Keep on working in the Lord’s vineyard always; knowing that, in the Lord, you cannot be labouring in vain.

The cleric urged all to be mindful of what we say noting, our words and actions will speak volume of us.

Your heart is a formation house; let whatever comes from it, be to the greater glory of God.”

He enjoined the congregation not to judge by appearance, rather listen to each person because from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Your real self is what you are and what you do when you are alone. Nobody is a perfect judge in his or her own case,” Fr Okafor said.

He emphasised that there was nothing bad in correcting people but before you do it, examine yourself properly, advising all to do well with every opportunity that comes.

Source: Anambra State Government