Trump’s administration dysfunctional, inept – UK envoy in leaked memo

The leak of confidential memos from Britain’s ambassador to the U. S. describes President Donald Trump’s administration as dysfunctional and inept could damage relations, a British minister said on Monday.

The Trade Minister, Liam Fox, who is on a visit to Washington, said he would apologise to the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump, who he is due to meet during his trip.

I will be apologising for the fact that either our civil service or elements of our political class have not lived up to the expectations that either we have or the U. S. has about their behaviour, which in this particular case has lapsed in a most extraordinary and unacceptable way,” he said.

Malicious leaks of this nature are unprofessional, unethical and unpatriotic and can actually lead to damage to that relationship which can therefore affect our wider security interest,” he told BBC radio.

Source: News Agency of Nigeria