UTAG disappointed at government’s re-submission of Public University Bill to Parliament

The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has expressed disappointment at the government’s re-submission of the ‘rejected’ Public University Bill (PUB) to Parliament for consideration.

Parliament on Tuesday announced at the commencement of the First Meeting of the Fourth session of the 8th Parliament that some 82 Bills, including the Public University Bill, 2023, are expected to be presented to the House.

UTAG in a statement signed by its National Secretary, Dr Eliasu Mumuni and copied to the Ghana News Agency, said it had observed with deep concern ‘the government’s persistence in pushing through this controversial bill despite widespread rejection from the university community and the higher education environment.’

The Association said it was dismayed by the lack of consultation or engagement with UTAG, the primary stakeholder and beneficiary of such regulation.

‘UTAG vehemently opposes the passage of the PUB in its current form and demands its immediate withdrawal from Parliament,’ the statem
ent said.

It said, ‘The disregard for consultation with UTAG, coupled with the alarming disregard for the concerns of the university community, demonstrates a lack of respect for the principles of shared governance and academic freedom.’

As stakeholders committed to advancing higher education in Ghana, the University Teachers Association urged the government to reconsider its approach and engage in meaningful dialogue with UTAG and other relevant stakeholders, including TUTAG.

‘The future of our public universities and the quality of higher education in Ghana depend on collaborative efforts that respect the voices and expertise of all stakeholders,’ the statement further stated.

UTAG said it stood firm in its commitment to safeguarding the autonomy and integrity of its public universities, and that it would continue to advocate policies that uphold the values of academic freedom, institutional autonomy, and quality education for all.

Source: Ghana News Agency