Vice President advocates new tribe of Nigerians

Vice President, Professor YemiOsinbajo has called for what he described as ‘a new tribe of Nigerians’that would build a new nation.

Professor Osinbajo said Nigerians needed to see themselves as one people without the divisive lines of ethnicity, religion and political affiliations.

He was speaking at the opening of a five-day photo exhibition themed ANISZA in Abuja on Monday.

ANISZA, which is coined from three Nigerian languages, is a unity photo exhibition, focused on unity of all the ethnic groups of the country.

It is my respected view that to build a new Nigeria, we need a new tribe, one tribe of men and women of all faiths, of all tribes, of all ethnicities committed to a country run on high values; high values of integrity, of hard work, of justice and of love of country.

A tribe of men and women who are prepared to make the sacrifices and exercise the self-constraint that is crucial for building a healthy society and who are prepared to stick together to fight injustice, to fight corruption, to insist on the rule of law, even when our friends are the receiving end.

A tribe consisting of professionals, businessmen, politicians, students, religious leaders and all who believe that a new Nigeria is possible, Professor Osinbajo who was a special guest at the event said.

He stated that the two things that struck him at the event were the deliberate attempt to engage younger Nigerians and the issue of developing national unity,and the idea of casting a vision by reflecting our history in a series of photographs that tells our national story as the victories of unity despite diversities and dissention.

Helping younger ones

The Vice President said the exhibition would help younger persons realize that Nigerians have the capacity to resolve their differences and emerge stronger even after some of the most dissenting events that have been seen in the country.

Some of the pictures I have seen today includes the photograph of the how the ShittaBey Mosque, with opening event in Lagos, was headlined by Christian leaders who were gladly invited by moslem leaders to the mosque.

Or the other one where Christians formed a protective shield of Muslims at prayer right here in Abuja in 2012.

Or what about the photograph of the Igbo highlife musician who was welcomed back to Lagos by his band and friends after the civil war?

What these images tell is that at the core, we Nigerians share the same DNAWe are exuberant; we are self-assured. some people say that we are aggressive, but it is better to say that we are very self-assured; we are warm and we are fair minded,he stated.

Professor OSinbajo stressed that many images of how we pull together when the country is competing in sports always remind us that we are a people determined to succeed and excel.

And regardless of ethnic groups; regardless of religion and regardless of whatever political persuasion, our national flag is always what we rally around, especially at international sporting event.

Making Nigeria proud

The Head of Service of the Federation, Mrs. Winifred Oyo-Ita said the visioner of the exhibition, Novo Isioro, did Nigeria proud by spearheading the exhibition, ANISZA.

Mrs Oyo-Ita said the photo exhibition would let many young Nigerians into what happened during the civil war.

What Novo has done today is a very noble venture and she has our support,she said.

Isioro said the photo exhibition aimed at re-orientating Nigerians to a united nation. He is Vice President’s personal photographer.

Source: Voice of Nigeria