Vice President says 2019 election determines Nigeria’s future

Nigeria’s Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, says the 2019 general elections has a lot to do with the future of the country.

Osinbajo, who made the remark in Abeokuta, Ogun State capital, at a parley with traditional rulers, said the electorate would have to choose between safe guarding the future of the country and handing over the country’s resources to corrupt politicians.

Another Term

The Vice President, who was in his home state to welcome President Buhari on a campaign visit, told the traditional rulers and other Nigerians that the Buhari administration deserves a second term, based on its performance in the past three and half years.

He said: We very strongly believe that our administration deserves a second term and I believe that it is also your view. But I want to say that perhaps the most important reason why the coming election is important for our country is because it really is an election about the future of our country, it’s an election about what happens next to our country.

I have said at several campaign venues that it is an election about character. Our country’s major problem is corruption and I have analysed it very carefully as I’m sure many know, I’m a lawyer and a researcher. I have looked very carefully at these problems in the past three and half years that I’ve been in office supporting the President, I’ve found that the most troublesome situation that we have found ourselves in, especially from the point of view of the resources available to our country, has been corruption.

Our country is not short of money or short of ideas but it is shirt of men of character who can truly use the resources in a manner to benefit the majority of our people. That is the problem that our country has and I say so with all sense of responsibility.


President Muhammadu Buhari praised Professor Osinbajo for his pivotal role in delivering on the ‘Change Agenda’ of the All Progressives Congress APC, in the past four years, particularly in his capacity as the head of the National Economic Council (NEC).

The President said: ”I am very pleased with his vast experience and intellect. He has captured effectively what the administration has done and I commend him for playing a very great part in that. Thank you, Mr Vice President.”

Source: Voice of Nigeria