Warm clothing make brisk business in Enugu

Dealers in warm clothes had a lot to say about business being sporadic in Enugu metropolis especially with the increasingly hazy weather.

Correspondents who went round some major markets in the metropolis on Saturday gathered that the dealers of the warm clothing were experiencing high patronage.

Some dealers said in spite of the demolition of their make-shift shops, they were still making brisk business as temporary stands had been created for the sale of the goods.

Mr Emenike Chibgo at Ogbete Main Market said that the business had been profitable since a month ago when preparations for the Christmas and the harmattan season commenced.

Another temporary stand owner, Mr Ifeanyi Ozor, said that he ventured into the business because it was always lucrative during harmattan period.

Ozor said that notwithstanding the demolition of his shop at Kenyatta Market, he still experienced high level of patronage as people trooped to his position to buy the clothes daily.

Another seller of the clothes at Old park, Enugu, Mrs Eunice Ibe, said she usually made about N12,000 to N15,000 or more on a weekly basis from sales.

Ibe said that during harmattan people preferred to buy second hand clothes because, they were durable than the new ones.

Although getting second hand clothes is difficult now due to the border closure I still make good sales from the few ones I get from the wholesalers, she said.

Mrs Amaka Chimmuanya, another dealer at Garki market, said that the second hand warm clothes included sweaters, stockings, jackets and blankets.

The clothes are sold according to their sizes and textures, the stockings can go for between N100 and N250 while the sweater goes for between N250 and N500 for children.

For adults, one can get a sweater for between N850 and N1,500 depending on its make and texture, she said.

Source: Voice of Nigeria