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We Are Contesting Coming Election As Progressive Comrades, says Shaibu

BENIN CITY Edo State Deputy Governor Rt. Hon. Comrade Philip Shaibu on behalf of Governor Godwin Obaseki called on reactionary comrades to join the progressive fold as he played host to the National Association of Political Students of Nigeria (NAPS), adding that we are contesting the coming elections in the state as progressive comrades .

While appreciating the student body led by it’s President, Comrade Iyamu Osamuyi for identifying critical achievements of the administration in the education, health, sports, construction of roads and purposeful leadership which has helped to guide the path of future youth leaders, Shaibu assured that the Obaseki government will continue to do the needful in the interest of the people.

He observed that against the backdrop of unsolicited but unveiling goodwill which was unique compared to the antecedents of previous administrations, the Godwin Obaseki government did not believe in blowing its own trumpet on achievements. We do not believe in going to the roof tops to make noise about our achievements, rather, our achievements should speak for us.

Comrade Shaibu noted that the records were visible to the eyes of all. People on their own, without prompting now walk up to government to acknowledge its developmental strides which is a great departure from the self praise of previous administrations which usually drew attention to its projects from the award of contract to the final stages of construction.

Encouraging reactionary comrades to join and be like them, the progressive team, he observed that it was better late than never.

While receiving an award plaque from the student body; Shaibu appreciated them for, Keeping tabs on the activities of the government and urging it to do the right thing and support what is good.

Speaking further on this, he said: Listening to you when we have not presented our score card and you tell us what we have been doing. This clearing shows that our score card is already written in your hearts.

This, for Mr. Governor, is what we started with. It is like you people are helping us blow our trumpet. From day one, the Governor said he would prefer Edo people to speak to what we are doing than for us to announce those things.

If we are working, the people who are benefiting from the work should speak about it. It is not about us telling them on how we constructed roads on their streets, schools in their environment or effecting basic amenities in the society.

They should be the one telling others of what is happening in their environment. We adopted that option that people speak of what is happening in their areas.

Whosoever that is not speaking means nothing has reached them yet. We don’t have to come to your communities to tell you what we have done.

For many of us, we believe that is not how government should be run.

What we wished for at the beginning of this administration is what you just did. You mentioned all the things government has done and comparing it to the past.

So, that means we are doing well. Another thing is the area of education. You were critical about education and I am not surprised because that is your primary constituency.

That is one feat we have achieved in dealing with the issue of basic education because buildings without the activities that ought to be carried out in them do not make such building function at full capacity.

An hospital without facilities which enable efficiency does not make such, an hospital. Same is a classroom without the basic apparatuses that make it a classroom. It is just a building. It is the activities that take place inside that define what that building entails.

That is what we have done in Edo State. When we say we have a health facility in Edo State, that facility is actually a health facility that deals with primary health issues. All the facilities and health personnel are there. These personnel must be trained on modern ways of dealing with health issues.

If you go to our Edo-BEST schools you see what we are doing there, that is what we have adopted. It has become a tradition for government parastatals to adopt that system because we have discovered that, the system is the only way we can keep track of developments and also upgrade to modern ways of developing our state.

The year 2020 is a critical one for us in Edo State in the sense that it is our election year. The issues I expect political scientists and those in training with critical minds to play up are issues of development. Make your voice loud whenever others try to play down on these issues.

We cannot return to the era where we speak more than the projects we are doing. We must sustain the tempo wherein the projects speak and not the talk.

For the Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, we are privileged and God has a reason for bringing him to us this time, equipping him with knowledge of financial management right from the time of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole.

When you go to the World Bank today, Edo State is topping the charts of the 36 States in Nigeria. Lagos State used to be the only state for which references were made but today, you must talk about Edo State.

Who made this possible? The then Chairman, Economic Team, under Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole who is now, the Governor of Edo State. You can see where the records started from.

For us, it is about records that would benefit our people and make the state feel like heaven for all Edolites, and make the state take its rightful place in the records of the states while taking advantage of our geographical location, turning it into the hub for all positive activities.

That is the kind of economy the Governor wants for our state. He has not even finished exploring his ideas.Just two years using his corporate experience in accounting and corporate financing Edo is already on top of the chart.

For all of us in team Obaseki, it is work and more work for the good of the people of Edo State. They are the end beneficiary. That is what would play out in the coming elections. And I know you guys are there and with us because this project is about us. It is our project. You cannot afford not to support your project because you have taken ownership by your statement here today.

You must follow through that ownership. For the reactionary comrades, I want them to repent. You should help carry the message for them to stop being reactionary but join the progressives. We are contesting the coming elections as progressives and we shall continue to be progressives.

For those few reactionary comrades out there, they have an opportunity to leave their reactionary path and join the true progressives like us. There is never a time that is too late. It is better to be late than never. The time to change and become better, is now.

Source: The Nigerian Observer