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Workers killed in second attack on Libyan water plant

Suspected militants have killed two workers and kidnapped two others at a water plant in southeastern Libya on Saturday.

Report says this is the second attack targeting water facilities in two days.

A statement from the Great Man-made River Project, a pipe network supplying ground water from the Libyan Sahara said: An armed attack was carried out by terrorist groups on the Tazirbu site causing havoc, looting, killing and terrorising families, children and the workers who ensure the supply of water to cities.

It said an engineer and a guard were shot dead and two guards were kidnapped in the raid. The assailants also stole cars and supplies from the site.

On Friday, members of an unidentified armed group kidnapped three Filipinos and one Korean employed as technicians at the Al-Hassouna plant, part of the same water network connecting desert wells to towns and cities in northern Libya.

Officials say the Al-Hassouna and Tazirbu sites are about 1,000 km (620 miles) apart.

Militants linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State have carried out operations across Libya. Islamic State lost its coastal stronghold of Sirte to local forces backed by US air strikes in 2016, and in recent months militants have been most active in remote desert areas.

Source: Voice of Nigeria