Zimbabwean clergy convicted over HIV cure claim

A self-styled prophet who claimed to have found a herbal remedy for HIV and other illnesses has been found guilty of breaking the law.

Walter Magaya, 35, now awaits sentencing later on Tuesday for contravening the Medicines Control Act of Zimbabwe.

In October, police raided Magaya’s offices to take away samples of the alleged medicine, based on something called aguma, for testing, saying that claims of a cure could be criminal.

The pills were reportedly selling online for $1,000 (Pound 770) a pack.

Magaya later retracted the cure claim, instead saying that intensive clinical trials would take place, according to reports.

According to reports, Magaya is part of a group of young, brash and flashy religious figures who have emerged during Zimbabwe’s economic crisis.

They attract scores of followers with promises of miracle healing and miracle money.

Magaya had also recently launched a lipstick he claims can improve blood pressure.

Source: Voice of Nigeria