Cleric admonishes leaders to show humility in service

Archbishop Christian Ekong, Archbishop and President, the Lutheran Church of Nigeria (LCN), on Sunday admonished Nigerians and leaders to always show humility in serving the people.


Ekong said this at the 2021 Diocesan Convention of the church with the theme: “Called by Christ to bear fruit, growing in humble service” in Abuja.


The archbishop said that the keys to achieving greatness were humility and selfless service.


“If anyone desires to be great, first, he shall be the last and servant, not just the last but servant of all.


“He who wants to be first must become the last, the first shall be the last, great things are in the way of service,” he said.


The cleric, who reiterated that great things were in selflessness and humility, said that they were principles bequeathed to humanity by Jesus.


“Jesus still tells us that if you want to be great, you have to be the last, you have to be servant of all.


“It is a principle which Jesus himself introduced, it is the principle of live and Jesus attained greatness through his sacrifice for us,” he said.


Bishop Good luck Essien, Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria (LCN), Abuja Diocese, described humility and service as the first sign of God’s people.


“Humility is the first sign of God’s people, whether we are Christians or Muslims, because we have to show humility.


“God himself showed it to us and we are his children and we have to live up to his expectation,” he added.


Essien, who emphasised the imperative of humility and selfless service, said that it was paramount in leading a peaceful and progressive life.


“If we follow the humility of Jesus Christ, I believe things will work well in our different settings,” the bishop said.


The cleric, however, urged those in leadership to subject themselves to the control of God for administrative excellence.


“Our government should learn to be under God because if they allowed God to lead them, things would work well,” he added.


Source: News Agency of Nigeria