Insecurity: Cleric Calls For Prayers, Fasting

An Islamic Cleric and leader of Qadiriyya sect in West Africa, Shiekh Qariballah Nasir Kabara has called on Nigerians to resort to prayers, fasting and asking for forgiveness from the Almighty Allah for an end to the lingering security situation in the country.


Shiekh Kabara made the call during the national prayer for peace in the country held at ” Darul Qadiriyya” in Kano.


“Pondering over our actions on the side of God as well as relationship with our fellow beings with the intention of making amends will definitely help in achieving a desired results.


“Current security challenges in Nigeria and other parts of the world were facing is worrisome, hence people needed to devote themselves to the Worship of Allah, and seeks for his forgiveness and shun all immoral acts,” said the Sheikh.


He then advised the general populace to embrace prayers on daily basis and build a decent relationship between themselves and the Almighty God.


“We should go back and screen our relationship between ourselves and our creator, we should repent and shun all immoral acts, we should help the needy and respect our parents,” he added.


The Islamic Cleric enjoined the Muslim Ummah in all parts of the country and the world at large to intensify prayers for the peaceful Coexistence in all parts of the world.


He noted that special prayers for the calamity that befalls people was originated from the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, adding that it is imperative to hold it at this critical time.


Qariballah said enjoined old people, children and even women to attend such kinds of special prayers, stressing that the message passed during the prayer should be disseminated to those that could not attend the prayer session.


He also enjoined the Muslim population to constantly imbibe the culture of sending salutations to the Holy Prophet, seeking forgiveness to Allah and embrace the recitation of the Holy Quran on daily basis.


The Kadiriyya leader noted that, “If we embrace these supplications, Allah will answer our prayers,”


Hundreds of people from different Islamic sects attended the National prayers where verses from the Holy Quran were recited, and Special prayers were offered seeking Allah’s forgiveness to end insurgency, banditry and kidnapping in Nigeria.


Source: Voice of Nigeria