Music trio ‘No Nation Gang’ releases highly anticipated EP ‘Mpoano to Global’

Elmina-based music trio known as ‘No Nation Gang’ has released their much anticipated Extended Play (EP), titled ‘Mpoano to Global’.

With a dynamic blend of traditional rhythms and Afrobeats, the five-track EP is sure to fascinate audiences with its distinct style and originality.

With the release of their new project, the music group consisting of three good friends namely Zubu, Second Paa, and BadOne Sticky hope to rekindle global interest in classic trap music.

According to the music trio, they are prepared to conquer any obstacles that may arise as they strive for global popularity and household name recognition.

The ‘No Nation Gang’ say they are poised to take the mantle of taking ‘ghetto’ music to the next level and claim their throne of stardom.

‘Our new EP is a music masterpiece that tells the unique story of the Fanti youth and the plights in their everyday lives. The EP tells a unique story, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the evolving world of Ghanaian music,’ said Zubu.

The new E
P, curated in collaboration with Yve Digital, has five hard-hitting tracks, including ‘Sika Fi,’ ‘Emotions,’ ‘Daakye,’ ‘Top,’ and ‘Menhwe.’

With the release of the ‘Mpoano to Global’ EP, the music trio says they aim to transcend musical borders, reach a wider audience, and spread the joy of African music.

The music project is widely available across various streaming platforms, with the music video for ‘Menhwe’ currently out on Youtube.

Source: Ghana News Agency