SALT Institute Graduates Encouraged to Embrace Risks and View Failure as Opportunity

Accra: At the second graduation ceremony of the SALT Institute, a postgraduate degree institution, graduates were encouraged to take calculated risks and view failure as a stepping stone for advancement. This message was delivered to the newly graduated students, emphasizing the importance of resilience and innovation in their future endeavors.

According to Ghana News Agency, Madam Mercy Debrah-Karikari, Secretary to Cabinet, in her keynote address at the event, urged the graduates to challenge established norms and foster a culture of experimentation and curiosity. She emphasized the significance of perceiving obstacles as opportunities and viewing failure as a means to acquire knowledge and achieve greater heights.

Madam Debrah-Karikari advised the graduates to be pioneers in their fields, using innovative approaches to tap into the unexplored possibilities in their continents. As they advance in their academic and professional careers, their leadership skills would be vital in realizing their goals and aspirations.

The Cabinet Secretary also highlighted the need for transformational leadership among the graduates, stressing the importance of adaptive innovation to navigate the challenges in Ghana and across Africa. She pointed out that leveraging technological advancements, data analysis, and contemporary trends are essential for finding innovative solutions to longstanding issues, ensuring sustainable development in Africa.

Madam Debrah-Karikari stressed that Ghana and the wider African continent require leaders who dream big, lead with integrity, and promote inclusivity. She reminded the graduates that true leadership is measured not by positions but by the impact made on the lives of others.

Dr. Kodzo Alabo, Rector of the SALT Institute, marked the occasion as a testament to the institute’s commitment to developing emerging leaders both in Africa and globally. He reflected on the potential impact these graduates will have in their professional journeys, contributing to the development and shaping a brighter future for the continent.

The Sundoulos Advanced Leadership Training (SALT) Institute, affiliated with the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), celebrated the graduation of 20 students with a Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy, and nine students with a Master of Arts in Leadership and Management. Miss Mavis Asare, a graduate in Leadership and Management, was recognized as the Overall Best graduate of the cohort.