SOSA donates sanitary pads to Star Basic School girls

The Star Old Students Association (SOSA) has donated sanitary pads to female pupils of Star Primary and Junior High School to commemorate this year’s menstrual hygiene day.

This year’s theme, ‘Together for a Period-Friendly World,’ with the hashtag ‘period-friendly world,’ aims to eliminate the stigma and taboos surrounding menstruation and ensure access to necessary products, education, and infrastructure.

The girls were educated on essential menstrual hygiene practices, including drinking plenty of water, eating well, changing pads every four to six hours, properly discarding used pads, bathing regularly, and maintaining good oral hygiene.

Empowerment messages such as ’empowering women starts with empowering their periods’ and ‘menstrual hygiene is not just a basic need; it is a basic right’ were shared by the old students to inspire and educate the girls.

The mental hygiene day initiative has the objective of normalising menstruation, reducing stigma, and promoting menstrual health as a human rights is

Mr Kwadwo Baah, the President of SOSA, emphasised the significance of the day, saying they were in the school to join forces and add their voices to the cancellation of any form of stigma attached to the natural phenomenon of menstruation.

Mr Baah said it was important to celebrate females who go through so much to become the women who would give birth and groom society, noting that it was important for men to be understanding and supportive during menstruation time.

He added that SOSA’s donation of sanitary pads aimed to mitigate the challenges faced by those who lack access to quality menstrual healthcare products, sometimes resorting to unsafe alternatives, leading to health issues, as well as to promote safe disposal practices.

He acknowledged the government’s efforts to remove taxes on locally manufactured sanitary pads while calling for the provision of free sanitary pads to school-going teenagers to prevent them from missing school during their periods.

Students were advised to maintain good
personal hygiene, lead a chaste life, and become ambassadors of positive menstrual health practices.

Source: Ghana News Agency