Successive Governments must continue with work on projects left by predecessors – Apostle Dr. Agbelanyoh

Apostle Dr. Kadmiel E. H. Agbelanyoh, the Founder and Leader of the Seventh Day Theocratic World Congregation has appealed to Ghanaian political leaders to continue to work on developmental projects left by their predecessors to save the country from external debts.

He said since Ghana attained independence, successive governments after gaining power turn their backs to projects initiated by their forerunners leading the country to suffer both financial and infrastructural deficit.

Apostle Dr. Agbelanyoh made the appeal in an interview with the Ghana News Agency after the Congregation had held service at Shalom – Otiakrom near Aburi in the Eastern Region on Saturday.

He said projects like the Asutuare Sugar Factory, Kumasi Shoe Factory, Aboso Glass Factory. Komenda Sugar Factory and some roads both in the cities and rural areas, hospitals, schools, markets and many more had been neglected by successive governments.

Apostle Dr. Agbelanyoh called on political party leaders to ensure that projects left behi
nd by their predecessors were tackled for Ghanaians to benefit from monies borrowed for such contracts.

He urged governments that go out of power to cooperate with their successors for meaningful provision of social amenities to improve the lives of the citizenry.

Apostle Dr. Agbelanyoh said the Congregation was praying to God to choose the rightful leader for the country in 2024 and urged the party leaders to be decorous during their campaign while ensuring that their messages attracted voters.

He admonished the parties to desist from influencing the youth with money to cause mayhem during elections while advising the youth to reject any inducement by the politicians, who would flee the county in case of any trouble.

‘As youth, you are the future human resource for the country because after schooling some of you are going to become members of parliament, doctors, assembly members as well as presidents so do not allow anybody to destroy your future with money, rather concentrate on your books and leave po
liticians alone’, the Apostle said.

Source: Ghana News Agency