Tongu Council of Chiefs takes decisive action against rampant murder cases

The Tongu Council of Chiefs have taken a bold step to address the recent surge in killings in the three Tongu districts of the Volta Region.

In a communiquĂ© issued by Togbe Nakakpo Dugbaza VIII, President of the Tongu Council of Chiefs, the council expressed its deep concern over the ‘culture of impunity’ that had emboldened criminals to continue their rampage.

The council’s move comes in response to the gruesome murder of 12-year-old Peter Sina and his co-worker at Akorlikope in the South Tongu District.

Determined to avert further bloodshed, the council took strides to engage the security agencies in the three districts to deliberate on the issue and chart a course of action.

In the interim, the council has urged the public to remain calm and volunteer information on the murders and crim to Paramount Chiefs, trusted leaders, Assembly Members, and security agencies.

The council has also sent a strong warning to the culprits, making it clear that they would be apprehended, and necessary legal actions tak
en against them.

Source: Ghana News Agency