Agona Swedru Hospital Faces Staff Shortage Amidst Departures

Agona Swedru, Ghana – The Agona Swedru Municipal Government Hospital is experiencing a significant staff shortage due to the departure of 30 nurses, doctors, and other paramedical staff, a situation that has created a substantial gap in healthcare services in the Municipality and surrounding areas. These departures occurred between 2022 and June 2023.

Dr. Julius Abuku, the Medical Superintendent of Agona Swedru Municipal Hospital, revealed this information during a visit by the Swedruman Council of Chiefs to the hospital. The purpose of the visit was for the chiefs to understand the current state of the health facility, its achievements, and the challenges it faces.

According to Ghana News Agency, the mass exodus has severely impacted operations across various wards, forcing remaining staff to undertake compulsory overtime. He informed that the hospital’s management had petitioned the Regional Health Directorate in Cape Coast and the Ghana Health Service (GHS) headquarters in Accra for replacements.

Despite these challenges, Dr. Abuku noted that the hospital had successfully worked to reduce maternal and child mortality rates and high birth rates through effective family planning education. He also mentioned that the management had initiated several projects to enhance the hospital’s infrastructure, using internal resources.

Key improvements included the reconstruction of washrooms attached to the Out-Patient Department (OPD), renovations of doctors’ bungalows and flats, and plans for major rehabilitation works in the theatre and OPD. Dr. Abuku highlighted the need for a new incinerator and updated X-ray machines, as some equipment, including the X-ray machine, had become outdated since the hospital’s establishment in 1958.

The Medical Superintendent appealed to the community and the government for assistance in acquiring new medical equipment and replacing staff who have left. He emphasized the hospital’s role as a referral center for neighboring districts like Agona East, Gomoa Central, and Awutu Bawjiase in Awutu Senya West.

Dr. Abuku commended the Agona West Municipal Assembly for providing four bungalows for doctors. During the visit, Nana Kweku Esieni V, Nifahene of Agona Swedru and leader of the visiting chiefs, called on the government to urgently post new medical staff to the hospital. He urged the public to recognize the efforts of the healthcare workers who continue to provide care under challenging conditions and stressed the importance of additional nurses and doctors to improve healthcare delivery in the area.