Nujoma calls for urgent educational reform to enhance skills for young Africans

WINDHOEK: Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Utoni Nujoma has stressed the critical need for educational reform to improve the quality and applicability of skills taught to young Africans.

Addressing the digital divide through enhanced technical access, promoting economic diversification beyond conventional industries, and aligning educational curricula with market demands, were identified as critical measures towards long-term growth and job creation, he said.

Nujoma made these statements on Tuesday during the high-level inauguration of the 2024 edition of Africa’s Development Dynamics, under the theme ‘Skills, Jobs and Productivity’ held in Tunis.

Ahmed Hachani, Tunisia’s Prime Minister, formally launched the event.

The annual event, co-hosted by the African Union and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development Centre, seeks to provide comprehensive insights into the continent’s economic growth, workforce development, and productivity trends.

The 2024 editio
n focuses on the critical interplay between skill acquisition, job creation and productivity enhancement as major drivers of long-term development across Africa.

Nujoma highlighted the importance of effective governance and infrastructure investment in creating an enabling environment, and called for coordinated efforts by African Member States, trade unions, employers, and development partners to incorporate policy recommendations from the 2024 report into national strategies.

This, he emphasised, will boost productivity, stimulate economic growth, and promote inclusive development throughout the continent.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency