Agortime-Ziope strategically located for investment in agriculture, industry and tourism

The Agortime-Ziope District of the Volta Region is well situated to develop into a major investment hub, and its proximity to neighbouring Togo balloon prospects for cross national trade.

The district is well known for being one of the highest growing areas for the tomato crop and bears the enviable place as the home of traditional African weave cloth, Kente.

Mr. Ruben K. Akuffo, District Coordinating Director, speaking at the ongoing Volta Trade and Investment Fair, said aside tomatoes, the area flourishes other major staples too.

The fame of fabric production has generated a tourism buzz for the district, and thousands from around the world witness the magic of the weave and the endless ideas of colour and design.

Several weaving centres have been developed, which produce to meet an ever-growing demand for the fabric recognised as an African identity.

The Coordinating Director said tomato production continued to grow in the district, and that stakeholders should endeavour to make real the long-sought
dream of establishing a processing machine in the area.

‘The farmers in the district have vast experience in tomato production and can cultivate the right varieties to feed a processing factory in order to add value to the produce thereby creating jobs.’

The area has an elevation that placed it strategic for wave communication in the region and is the home of mega masts of the various mobile communication networks communications, while hosting the training school of the nation’s revenue authority.

Mr Akuffo said the investments opportunities were endless and should be fed into, adding that ‘the district is strategically located for investment in agriculture, industry and tourism, and everyone is invited to make Agortime Ziope their investment destination.

The district joined the 2023 Volta Fair with a horde of weavers of the kente fabric, and the array of traditional wooden looms had become an attraction.

Crops and crop technologies are also on display at the event, put together by the Association of Gha
na Industries, the Volta Regional Coordinating Council, and the African Continental Free Trade Area Secretariat.

More than 400 entities including major state agencies in economic development plus hundreds of local and foreign businesses, are participating, with patronage expected to exceed 20,000 by end of the two-week stint.

Source: Ghana News Agency