Assembly Member Advocates for Non-Partisan Local Elections

Dormaa Central – Mr. David Atta Twum, the Assembly member for Amasu Adumasa Electoral Area in Dormaa Central, has emphasized the importance of maintaining the non-partisan nature of District Level Elections (DLE) to foster local development. In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Amasu Adumasa, he shared his concerns about the potential negative impact of partisan politics on local governance and development.

According to Ghana News Agency, introducing partisanship into DLE could lead to challenges for assembly members who are perceived as not affiliated with the ruling government. He warned that such members could face obstacles in accessing their fair share of development projects and national resources. Mr. Atta Twum further elaborated on the risks of politically motivated replacements of assembly members, undermining the performance and democratic principles of local governance.

Instead of politicizing the local government, Mr. Atta Twum urged for the strengthening of existing local government structures. He highlighted units like the unit committee area/zonal council and urban council within the local government framework. He noted that these units, while recognized in the constitution, are not effectively operational on the ground. Mr. Atta Twum believes that focusing on these areas could significantly enhance revenue generation at the local level.

Speaking of his achievements, Mr. Atta Twum detailed his personal efforts and collaboration with the Municipal Assembly in advancing his electoral area. He organized evening classes for JHS 3 final students, distributed customized exercise books, and worked with the Amasu Muslim Youth to provide a structure for the Amasu Islamic school. He also contributed to the construction of the Amasu R/C KG block and facilitated renovations and improvements in local schools, including the establishment of an ICT Centre and furnishing of an Islamic ICT laboratory.

Mr. Atta Twum expressed his intention to run for re-election in the district level elections, aiming to continue his work in improving education, health, energy, and road infrastructure in the area. His commitment reflects a dedication to local development and community empowerment, setting an example for non-partisan leadership at the district level.