Germans Prefer Condoms Over the Pill Amid Health Concerns

Berlin – A new study by the Federal Centre for Health Education in Cologne indicates a shift in contraceptive preferences among Germans, with a growing number choosing condoms over the Pill. The state-funded health agency’s survey found that 53% of the 1,001 sexually active respondents aged 18 to 49 are using condoms, while only 38% are opting for oral contraceptives.

According to Ghana News Agency, The study highlights a significant change from 2007, when 55% were on the Pill and 36% used condoms. Other contraceptive methods like the intrauterine device, sterilization, or the rhythm method are less popular. The survey revealed increasing reservations about hormonal contraception, with 61% of participants expressing concerns about its negative effects on the body and mind, up from 48% in 2018. The most important criteria for choosing a contraceptive method were reliability, ease of use, and good tolerance.

Contraception usage stands at 70%, with women predominantly seeking information from gynecological consultations and men from the internet. The Pill, known for its reliability and ease of use, comes with potential side effects. Meanwhile, condoms are also reliable if used correctly, are inexpensive, and offer protection against sexually transmitted infections.